eBook or is it?

I’ve seen, with interest a vast array of eBooks being published recently, they vary from 6 pages to 600.

Our conferences lend themselves perfectly to eBooks, they’re well researched by producers and they cover anything up to 24 different angles.

I finished my 4th eBook recently The ultimate guide to excelling as an EA/PA in some way it was my own personal mission.

When you decide to call something; The ultimate guide – i figure it has to be pretty content heavy. The EAPA Summit has been around for over a decade. Speakers cover topics from time management, dealing with your boss, right through to dressing to impress. It’s a fun event, i’ve always enjoyed the chance to have a little fun with the writing. We’ve built up some solid content over the years (An interview with Nelson Mandela’s EA to name one of my faves..) , but in the theme of repurposing, re-imagining or whatever we are calling it these days, i figure we can surely make this something pretty special.

The result, the eBook – 15 pages of jam packed content – in my eyes warrants being an eBook, surely? Ultimately, in content marketing it’s a fine line between branding and valuable content, but i reckon we may have just cracked it with this one.

You can find more information on the Summit here: www.eapa.com.au

P.S If you’re interested in seeing my first 2 adventures into the world of eBooks, take a read and decide for yourself if they warrant the ‘eBook’ title…

Blended Learning: The new normal – A look into some of the biggest trends impacting the way educate and are educated..

Business Transformation Trends 2013 : Big data, change communication, flexible operating structure.. it’s all shaping business for the future. Here’s my first dip into the eBook scene (featuring one of my favourite interviews with Google’s Financial Controller)

Top tips for Employee Engagement : More numbers driven than any of my other eBooks, i had mixed opinions about calling this one an eBook, i think because it doesn’t have clear chapters. Either way i like the design and think the stats work well.

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