Designing health facilities of the future: the big debate..

It’s been a big year for healthcare facilities design in Australia. Kempsey, Blacktown Mt Druitt, and Gold Coast Private Hospitals have seen significant developments over the course of 2013 and the VCCC, Royal Darwin and Fiona Stanley in Perth are just some of the big players making advances in design.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve been lucky enough to interview some of the key players in health facilities design, management and construction – those directly involved in projects that are shaping our healthcare facilities for the future.

As the Australian demographics change, so do the needs of the patients, staff and visitors who require health services. Maximising the potential of a limited budget is becoming much harder and customer centricity is becoming more important than ever to improve outcomes.

It seems pretty clear there are still some key underlying challenges that remain in the industry; whether planning, expanding, building, maintaining or retrofitting a health facility. The growing population and tightening funding is central to the need for continuous innovation.

There are also some huge opportunities that have been gathering pace over the last 12 months, opening up a whole new realm of possibility for innovation in design, sustainability and technology, to name just a few.

To get a clearer picture of what’s changing the landscape of future healthcare facilities, ahead of Australian Healthcare Week 2014 we brought together eight of the industry’s key players, already heavily involved in driving sustainable facilities for the future and asked– how can Australia plan effectively for an uncertain future?

It’s no secret that I’ve always enjoyed working on our healthcare events, so was pretty excited to have everyone in the same room sharing ideas for the future.

As a result, I’ve drawn up this report on some of the key trends that emerged: Australian Healthcare Facilities: Planning for an uncertain future.

It was my first venture into the report writing field, but with so many interesting conversations throughout the expert roundtable it seemed the logical thing to do! Hope you find it interesting, looking forward to AHW 2014!

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