A-Z Guide: The ultimate content marketers challenge

Each year I work on one of our largest APAC events, Shared Services and Outsourcing Week.

Ultimately, it’s a business transformation event where we pull together the top experts in APAC business, see how they’re adapting to various changes and ask them to share their knowledge with hundreds of delegates.

Over the year I’ve worked on various branches of the SSON events portfolio including public and finance transformation, but this is the biggie.

To kick off our content campaign for 2014, I thought it was time to take stock of some of the year’s happenings that have impacted our next programme. Just to make it an even bigger challenge – in  A-Z.

The A-Z journey was a tough one,  25 (you’ll see I hit a brick wall on ‘Z’) mini assignments if you like. It’s also amazing how many stories from the year fit into the letter C.  But alas, I filtered through to come up with just one for each.*

The result – APAC Business Transformation in 2013: Your A-Z guide.

I look forward to covering some of the topics mentioned in this guide over the coming months as we lead up to the big day itself, but for now don’t forget to send me your ‘Z’ (I really did get stuck)!

Also, let me know if you think I’ve missed any of the big movers and shakers here, interested to hear your thoughts.

*As a slight side note, the A-Z theme also gave me flashbacks to my days of worshiping the Spice Girls, so I‘ve been resisting the urge to break into song each time I talk about this piece…

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