Hubspot ignite the marketing flame in Australia

Hubspot, is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

When they released their 2014 year in review, it was clear they had some pretty impressive growth stats:

  • Hubspot Blog – 19.5 million visits
  • 153% Growth in monthly sales blog visits
  • 54% Growth in Marketing Blog subscribers
  • Twitter – 453,463 followers
  • Pinterest – 24,469 followers
  • 13,500 customers
  • 2,200 agency partners worldwide
  • 90+ Countries with Hubspot customers
  • $115.9M Revenue in 2014 – an annual increase of 49%

The Revenue.

Just 4 years ago in 2011, Hubspot’s total revenue hit a bit of a spike, from $28.6 million to nearly doubling in 2012. This was only the beginning as the company hit their stride, the revenue followed:

  • 2011: $28.6 million
  • 2013: 77.6 million
  • 2015 : $115.9 million

The Customers.

One of the unique things about Hubspot is its customers –  they have a solution that is pretty much open for all, helping the customer base grow from 5,783 customers 3 years ago to 13,607 at the end of 2014.

International growth.

In 2013, Hubspot opened their first international office at the home of Dublin, Ireland. Known as the ‘DubSpot’ team, the plan was to drive global expansion. The launch of Spanish and Portugese language blogs, a new German offering – and finally a new home – Sydney.

To grow presence across international markets, the company is now investing in local sales, marketing and professional service capabilities.

When discussing plans for Australia, Managing Director for Hubspot, Jeetu Mahtani said, “this style of inbound marketing has been growing in popularity in the region, with an increasing number of visitors from Australia and New Zealand amongst the 1.5m monthly visitors to its sites.”

Mahtani, who opened the company’s second office in Dublin just over two years ago, came to Sydney late last year to hire the first Hubspot employees in Australia. The aim:  “Generate traffic, and leads and buzz to their brand as opposed to trying to interrupt their way into a consumer’s mind so it’s definitely got some good momentum.”

Mahtani said they will be seeking to partner with marketing agencies in Sydney, claiming the ability for the platform to track customers and customise sites for returning visitors can add value to the content marketing, social media and digital publishing services they provide. He added: “A marketing agency might build you a new website but six months later you might go back and say ‘you built me a new website, where are my leads?’ “What we want to do is disrupt that space so marketing agencies don’t just build websites for the sake of it. They will think about the revenue part and teach their clients how you build lead generation websites using content and engagement and social, as opposed to just building a pretty website.”

Want to know more about how the Hubspot software works? Check out this video.