Recruitment is broken. And here’s how we’re planning on fixing it.

I joined the Salient Group back in September, we are a small company focusing on recruitment for fast growth companies using SaaS technology. Back then,  the below was the extent of my knowledge in the recruitment sector when I said yes to the gig.

I knew there was a potential to really disrupt things in Australia and I could sense we were about to kick off an interesting journey. As we work in SaaS – both with high growth organisations and in-demand talent –  it made sense for us to start in that area. It was clear there were a few problems to fix.

I’d never worked in the recruitment industry before, but I had used a recruiter.

My experience of recruiters hadn’t been particularly bad, I guess I’ve always just felt a bit powerless.

The first time was after uni, when to be honest it felt like a bit of an endless slog to get seen. I’d always felt ok about the whole interview process – but just getting one in the first place felt tough.

My second was here in Sydney, having arrived from the UK I was clueless to brands here– I knew my experience, I just wanted to find the best fit for my skills and find somewhere to make a positive impact. I couldn’t find a single place for information that could help me do that.

The big fat problems.

1. The power is in the wrong hands.

There are a lot of hoops to jump through to find out if you’re the right fit for a company. You have to wait until you’re actively looking, hope the timing is right and then generally go through a recruiter to craft your CV and see if you can get an interview.

Alternately, you get called and called and messaged and called by recruiters and you’re completely put off by the whole experience because 90% of the time, you’re actually pretty happy where you are.

How we plan on solving it: We’re giving back control.  We’ve set out to keep watch on all the hottest SaaS brands hitting Australia and tell the stories of who they are and what they’re all about. You can follow those stories passively and never get contacted by a recruiter. If you ever decide there’s a brand out there for you and you’re a skills match, you can apply directly for an interview. When and only when it suits you.

2. No-One trusts ‘scumbag*’ recruiters

*To all my recruiter friends out there, not my words…

But seriously, recruiters get a bad rep. And I get it, they have roles to fill and targets to hit so can only focus on a certain pool of candidates. The recruiters I’ve met go out of their way to offer a great candidate experience, but unfortunately not everyone has a positive experience with recruiters and it’s left a bit of a mark.

How we plan on solving it: Opening up lines of communications at a peer to peer level.  We’ve built a marketplace where talent speaks to other talent – not recruiters or HR but people doing their job, sharing valuable insights. Think Trip Advisor for brands – that’s where we’re at. Over the coming months we’re reaching out to top talent across Australia to share these insights with you.  If you never look for a job through the site, that’s fine by us – our focus is adding value to your career.

3. Employers aren’t telling their stories right.

Sharing your employer brand has become a big topic of discussion. Only this week did I see stats from APAC execs where almost all (95%) of respondents believed that a strong employer brand was crucial to the company’s success. The problem is, stories aren’t always getting out there in the right way.

How we plan on solving it: We’re not looking at ‘what message we can put out’ – we’re instead helping our employers on the marketplace tell their story and give talent a clear and valuable insight into their company. We don’t go out making recruitment videos about how fantastic everything is, instead we’re taking our team of journalists into their offices and uncovering the real stories of the people that work there.

We’ll then follow those employers throughout their growth and catch up with talent at all levels to break down the barriers of communication along the way.

So no more waffling, come see for yourself as we’ve just launched our registration –

The full marketplace will be rolling out shortly, and we’ll be sharing the highs and lows with you!